The Functions of A Triple Watch Winder

triple watch winder

triple watch winder has its particular working principles. A watch winder is a savior for keeping your watch turning. There will be some principles to make it turn and operate. It has some functions to keep the normality of your watch collection. 

  1. Putting Your Watch 

Now, you can understand the working principles of a watch winder to keep your watch in prime condition. However, you wonder why the working principles of a watch winder. After you buy a watch winder, there will be some simple ways to follow. You can put a watch on the triple watch winder when you don’t use it. Remove your watch from the box and open it in the first position. Turn it clockwise for 20 to 40 turns until you feel a challenge. It is time to put your watch on a watch winder. 

  1. An Optimal TPD 

Next, you must set TPD. It stands for a turn per day or the number of full turns in a watch winder for 24 hours. There will be magical turns per day making it work well for every watch. With less TPD, it is not fully turning. When you see more TPD, it is not good enough. You must set the option of TPD. If you can’t find TPD on your watch or watch winder, don’t get worried. Most automatic watches consist of 650 TPD. It generally becomes a default setting. 

  1. Turning Direction

You must set a turning direction. Most triple watch winders can turn in two directions. It is clear enough. But, having a watch in two directions means that it turns to a different way. Some watches have different specifications like a clockwise. A good triple watch winder will have three available settings clockwise. It means that you can set it up anytime. 

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